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Functional Nutrition & Enzyme Therapy

Clinical Nutrition is used for any number of purposes such as, energy enhancement, weight issues, pain, indigestion, heartburn , abdominal discomfort, gas or disease prevention...


This full body scanning system integrates research from the fields of physics, quantum biology, mathematics, acupuncture, and Western and Chinese medicine.



Bio Energetic Synchroniztion Technique is a mind/body pratice that recognizes all parts of a human being...


Kinesiology is used more than any other service at our practice. It is fast, and effective...


Detox Footbath

The Q2 was invented in Australia it is a theraputic aid for pain management, detoxification and energy enhancement. The process is simple...

Electro Crystal Rebalancing

Electro Crystal Rebalancing combines natural crystals with pulsed electromagnetic signals for the purpose of energetic balancing...


Trinfinity 8

Electro scanning Method (ESM) is the method we use to determine the state of a persons energetic body...


Polycontrast Interference Photography

Polycontrast Interference Photography is a revolutionary computer imaging system. It uses custom software and a video camera which is interfaced to the computer...


Liponic Sculpting

Vacuum mobilization, also known as liponic sculpting was first used in Europe in the 1980's...

Chronic Fatigue

10 years ago if you suggested to a practitioner that you thought you had chronic fatigue they would laugh at you or send you to a shrink.

5 years ago they gave you every drug on the market and then left you on anti-depressants hoping that you would go away.

Today, between technology and continuing research on the alternative front, it is easy to get energy and answers for chronic fatigue.

Here is a quick "Q" & "A" for questions we often recieve about chronic fatigue.

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