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Kinesiology is used more than any other service at our practice. It is fast, and effective...

Kinesiology-emotional stress release (ESR)

A new practice of treating emotional stress has evolved utilizing the knowledge of the acupuncture meridian system.  This branch of psychology is known s energy psychology.  It developed out of the work of George Goodheart, DC, the founder of applied kinesiology, John Diamond, a psychiatrist who developed Behavioral Kinesiology and Roger Callahan, a psychologist who created Thought Field Therapy.

Energy Psychology theorizes that when an individual holds a specific thought in their mind, not only are certain emotions generated as a result, but also a field of energy is created.  This energy is measured by electroencephalograph equipment, which measures brain waves.

It is believed that each thought creates a specific frequency of energy. Certain thought fields associated with strong emotion interrupt or cause disruptions or blockages of energy in the acupuncture meridian system.  These blockages get encoded with the thought so that whenever the person thinks about the original experience, the encoded memory is re-experienced (sense memory).

By using the techniques from Energy Psychology, you can break the pattern of the association of the thought with the energy blockage linked with the stressful emotions.  This is done by tapping specific acupuncture points in various sequences to balance energy and break the pattern of energy blockage associated with the thought.  We couple this with eye movements and humming and counting to activate various centers in the brain.  Sometimes affirmations are used to further install positive patterns.  It can be used for phobias, addictions, compulsive behaviors, as well as any upsetting emotion.

The body's energy has a polarity, a positive and negative pole just like a battery.  If that polarity becomes reversed, thought, emotion and behavior can be disturbed.  This can interfere with a persons attempts to make positive changes.  Somehow they say stuck emotionally and behaviorally until this polarity reversal is corrected or it corrects itself.  We can correct this polarity reversal through simple procedures. 

An optimizer can also be used to anchor in how the person wants to feel about a situation.  This is done while the person associates with a positive feeling while a specific tap sequence is done. 

In summary we: 

  1. Clear the polarity reversals,

  2. Break the negative pattern and clear blockage of energy associated with thoughts about the stressor, and….

  3. Install a new emotional pattern experience to be linked up to the thoughts of the situation. 

We can uncover subconscious negative beliefs, which create meridian energy imbalances.  New, positive beliefs can be installed to enhance energy flow and empower a person to achieve their goals.

Applied Kinesiology 

For 25 years applied kinesiology has been a proven system of basic healthcare.  Applied Kinesiology (AK) as it is often referred to uses techniques to harmonize and balance the body’s own energy to promote its instinctive ability to heal itself.  AK techniques explore the principles of healing at an energetic level.  Utilizing eastern and western scientific theory and application, plus hands on practice to enhance awareness of the most profound aspect of health, AK is one of a very few systems that empowers both client and practitioner on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of health. 

More on AK

Ak based on quantum physics is the science of energy balancing.  The results of AK balances are seen worldwide in 37 countries and in many different languages. Some say Ak is an attempt to lower the cost of healthcare. It is not however, an attempt to keep people away form doctors, drugs or surgery. When the public spends $100,000,000,000 for prescription drugs and over $50,000,000,000 for non prescription drugs every year it seems appropriate that we should learn to do more for ourselves. 

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