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Bio Energetic Synchroniztion

Bio Energetic Synchroniztion Technique is a mind/body pratice that recognizes all parts of a human being: the structural body and its alignment, the mental/emotional body, the nutritional body and the soul/energetic fields (chakras, meridians and strange flows). B.E.S.T. recognizes that when these systems are out of balance health begins to deteriorate and symptoms arise. The purpose of this technique is to clear interference and strike a balance between the 6 essentials:

1. what you eat

2. what you drink

3. how you exercise

4. how you sleep

5. what you breathe

6. and most important how you think

This technique is achieved through a physical yet non-forceful, energy balancing procedure. It removes the interference and/or distractions that are demanding the natural healing power of your body by rebalancing the autonomic nervous system.


A young man goes to help his college roommate move. Believing he is young, strong and invincible he lifts a box that is much to heavy for him and strains his back. As is normal, his body goes into emergency mode to fix the problem and to make sure he doesn't do this again. In a few weeks the strain is gone but now his knee hurts and he has a cold.

What happened to young, strong and invincible? Nothing. This is still true, however this mans body is still in "Lifting the heavy box mode" so his energies are being used up for an emergency that isn't happening anymore. How does this affect him? His immune system is no longer at 100%, his back muscles are now shorter and his nervous system is in the memory of "Alarm". Being in "Alarm mode" on a daily basis is counter productive. It creates more waste in the system, ruins the timing of the digestive tract (ever heard of heartburn) and it requires more nutrients (Do you know anyone who has had their gallbladder removed? (mineral deficiency) or has reoccurring headaches?). B.E.S.T. turns the alarm mode off, it rebalances the muscule memory, which inturn, reduces the need for increased nutrients.

B.E.S.T. has been researched at major universities, taught in association with many chiropractic colleges and is recognized by the health care industry as an effective healing and preventative science.


Why do we like B.E.S.T.? It takes into account your WHOLE being. You are not just an arm or a leg or just a physical being. You are a walking history of your past and your present. Everything you've done, seen, or been through is etched in to who you are.

B.E.S.T. is also very private, you don't have to devulge any personal information to acquire results. This technique also has amazing results for your pets.

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