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Liponic Sculpting

Vacuum mobilization, also known as liponic sculpting was first used in Europe in the 1980's...

45 minutes to a Healthy, Beautiful You!

The Program

Two times per week

Our goal when we developed, “The Program” was to give you a fast effective way to improve your health and your looks.  In L.A. and Orange County you are subject to stress in every aspect of your life from the air that you breathe to the job that you hold.  You’re probably a super mom or a single dad and after several years, being great takes its toll doesn't it? “The Program,” works to undo this damage from the inside out.  Knowing how antioxidants support the skin, we supply supplementation that exceeds the recommended daily food values of fruits and vegetables.   This supports the organs and brain so you have a strong immune system, healthy hair, beautiful skin and a sharp mind.  “The Program also offers digestive and endocrine support so that you have great digestion with less pain, and lower chance of disease.  This ensures that you have energy for the things and people that are important to you.  “The Program” also includes light exercise so that your muscles are toned and firm so you feel good about the way you look.  Finally, it offers stress reduction by cleaning your lymphatic system and relaxing you through liponic massage.  Lyponic massage lifts, stretches and stimulates the skin to its deepest layers, promoting collagen production, relaxation for the mind, all the while reducing cellulite and wrinkles.  If you’re interested in a toned body, with beautiful firm skin, a sharp mind and boundless energy, get with, “The Program.”

Could your face use a workout, too?

Vacuum mobilization, also known as liponic sculpting was first used in Europe in the 1980’s.  Its original use was to soften scar tissue and help the debilitating effects of diabetic neuropathy.  However, researchers found it also improved the tone and tightness of skin.  In clinical studies,  100% of women using vacuum mobilization lost inches, 91% reported  visible improvement in skin smoothness and cellulite reduction.  After several years of testing the FDA approved this method of therapy for U.S. consumers.

What is Vacuum massage used for?

Vacuum massage is used to reduce the signs of aging, such as sagging skin, wrinkles, poor skin tone, stretch  marks and cellulite. 

What are the benefits of this? 

Improved energy, beautiful, toned skin, firmness in key areas such as the buttocks, thighs and stomach, decreased scarring from pregnancy, better health from the stimulation of lymphatic flow, increased collagen production, zero pain, zero down time.

How does it work? 

Vacuum massage combines suction and pressure to stimulate and tone the top layer of skin.   It moves fluids and waste from  cells in the lower layers of skin through the lymph system where they can be drained out of the body.  The 200 pulsations per minute increases the amount of blood flow and oxygen to the suctioned area and mimics the effect that  exercising would have.  However, unlike exercising, the muscle is stimulated, the skin is stretched but the body remains relaxed.

How does it feel? 

Most find it physically invigorating while mentally relaxing.  Some experience a tickle,  yet others claim that it is like a deep penetrating massage.  

About results and your session

Each session last 45 minutes.  At two sessions per week most see results in 8 to 10 sessions, however, keep in mind that everyone is individual.   Our program is 10-12 weeks with a monthly maintains schedule of once per month to maintain the results.  There is no down time.  Sensitive skin may experience mild bruising. 

Liponic Sculpting
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