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Chronic Fatigue

10 years ago if you suggested to a practitioner that you thought you had chronic fatigue they would laugh at you or send you to a shrink.

5 years ago they gave you every drug on the market and then left you on anti-depressants hoping that you would go away.

Today, between technology and continuing research on the alternative front, it is easy to get energy and answers for chronic fatigue.

Here is a quick "Q" & "A" for questions we often recieve about chronic fatigue.

What do you do for people With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)? 

First we have to find out why a person has Chronic Fatigue and how out of balance they have become. To do this we cross-examine the results of 3 different tests.  The first test is an energy test called ESM scanning it is a measurement of sound.  It reads life force coming off a person’s organs and the body as a whole. It is the sound equivalent of Kirlian photography.  Where the sound is weak, your energy is deficient, where the sound is high there is too much heat.  When this energy reading is triangulated a special generator (EC 400) can be used to move energy where it is needed most.  Equally important, ESM scanning offers the practitioner an excellent way to chart the client’s energetic progress.  Surprisingly, some people who feel awful have a very high vitality reading but the energy is not in the right place so they don’t feel well.

The next test is a urinalysis test.  It sheds light on the happenings of a person’s day-to-day biological functioning, like pH balance, level of vitman C, ability to digest and absorb food, free radical damage, etc.  One might ask why urinalysis instead of a blood test?  The body does whatever it can to make the blood look healthy and normal.  Urine on the other hand shows where the blood might be stealing nutrients so that it can look “normal.”  Urine gives earlier warning signs of imbalance because it is a statistician for daily functions.  

The last test is 32-point reflex exam.  At 16 weeks of age your body assigns a specific set of muscles to an organ and a set of nerves.  This grouping creates an everlasting relationship.  If one of them, the organ, muscle or nerve, is injured, under nourished or imbalanced a physical contraction will occur. This contraction and its location tell your practitioner where your problem is and how to help you.  Once the imbalance is fixed the contraction will disappear. This is significant because if you have contractions, you have pain.

We run this exam twice.  The first exam shows us if your problem is the diet choices you're making.  The second test is run with a whole food nutrient supplied to the body.  This shows us true underlying imbalances that would be out of balance even if your diet choice were perfect.

In summary we look at your energetic body, your nutritional body, your emotional body and your physical body. They all play a major role in your health and vitality! 

Getting back to energy, it is important to know that a person can lose energy for many different reasons.  It is imperative to find the right one. 

Chronic Fatigue
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