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Intuitive Counseling

Q2 Hydrotherapy

The Q2 was invented in Australia it is a theraputic aid for pain management, detoxification and energy enhancement. The process is simple...

Increase Energy Fast with Q2!

What is the Q2?

The Q2 unit is the latest in hydrotherapy.  It was invented in Australia and is registered as Therapeutic Goods Listing Number Australian L63069.  Its purpose is as a therapeutic aid for pain management, detoxification and energy.  

How do you know it is detoxifying? One of the units most visual effects during its use is the release of toxins and foreign material trapped in the dermal layers (skin), lymph, body systems and individual cells.  This becomes very noticeable  by the level of discoloration of the water that appears during the footbath.

How is energy enhanced? Many people today are overworked.  They let their bodies get run down.  When this happens the system becomes low in energy.  Imagine plugging yourself into the wall as you would a rechargeable battery, that is how this system works.  It is an organic human battery charger.  It works to reset your vibrational patterns you were given at birth. Overworking, stress and emotional trauma strip your body of these memories and inset an inferior pattern or vibration.  With the Q2 and water we are able to record your original blue print and then feed that information back into your body at several cycles per minute.  We use the Q2 until you feel your original pattern is reproducing again.

How does it help with pain? The Q2 helps to remove lactic acid build up in the tissues,  drugs, lymph, as well as undigested food particles (mainly from poor digestion) and any chemical build up.  These excesses in your system create inflammation and inflammation is the number one cause of pain. 

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