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Reiki Treatment

Functional Nutrition & Enzyme Therapy

Functional Nutrition & Enzyme Therapy is used for any number of purposes such as, energy enhancement, weight issues, pain, indigestion, heartburn , abdominal discomfort, gas or disease prevention...

Functional Nutrition & Enzyme Therapy is the science of food. There is nothing more fun than food! When you feel bad you can fix yourself, if you understand food. If you passed third grade math you have the tools to balance your system and use food as science. Unlike nutritional Counsellors or dieticians, clinical nutritionist figure out checks and balances for an individuals system so that they can have health but still recover from the occasional binge or a life time of bad eating. If an individual practiced clinical nutrition every day they could probably avoid hospitals completely. They'd still need the occasional blood test and the yearly physical but imagine having an immune system that is so balanced you never got flu's, colds, canker sores, arthritis or a bloated belly. This of  course would mean having a very strong digestive system (digestion and the immune system are one in the same). It can be done and we can teach you how.

Example of checks and balances: An individual goes to a party eats a balanced meal (vegetables and a fist size piece of meat) then eats 3 cookies, some wine and one piece of chocolate cake. THIS IS YOUR CHECK

The next day: Drinks two times more water (sugars are very dehydrating), has a carrot to rebalance the colon pH, a piece of celery to replace the sodium lost from the sugar digestion, some berries (antioxidants) for the damage from the white flour, some brown rice (fiber source to pull out any toxins) and a piece of salmon (Essential fatty acid and iodine) to rebalance the thyroid/metabolism. THIS IS YOUR BALANCE

Clinical Nutrition
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