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Chronic Fatigue

Creating Radiant Energy for Chronic Fatigue

Here are examples of places we see the most significant loss of energy:

  1. Some people are unable to convert food into energy therefore they eat, fall asleep, and have less energy when they wake up instead of more.

  2. Others have had serious unrepaired accidents (emotional & physical trauma) that create what are known as physical energetic leaks.

  3. Some people with multiple allergies lost the health of their adrenals  to unhealthy mothers while they were in the womb and have never recovered.

  4. Chemical Toxicity can be a loss of daily energy.  Over time it takes its toll on the organs, digestion and immune system.

  5. Some people have all of the above and they take longer to help because there are so many things out of balance.

What happens after the tests? 

The client and practitioner make the decision of what needs to be balanced first. 

  • Energy       

  • Pain Reduction

  • Sleep        

  • Emotional Relief

  • Mental Clarity    

I’m allergic to everything! 

Most of our clients have a very small food range because of allergies. With energetic work this often clears up but it does take time. As far as taking supplements, what the stomach can take and what the skin can take are two different stories. In our practice we do use supplements but many can be used transdermally; they don’t have to be ingested.  Anything that touches the skin goes in 7 times stronger than what goes in through the mouth. Keep in mind this is advantageous for taking supplements but it is one good reason to avoid harsh cleaning agents and non-organic skincare, makeup or detergents.

What methods will you use? 

    We find that we get the best results when we cross several therapies and add a home program. It makes no sense to increase your energy then have you depend on us to keep you that way.  Our clients become self-reliant. 

    Our methods include: Hydrotherapy, enzyme therapy, nutritional therapy, sound therapy, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, homeopathy, cupping, mind body medicine, acupressure, kinesiology, emotional clearing, and essential oils. The specificity with which we use these depends completely on the clients needs.

    "I don’t do well with Pain"

    We don’t cause pain.  People generally find visits to our office to be quite pleasant.

    "What can I expect from your program?"

    With chronic fatigue we believe it takes more than a 15 minute office visit to achieve optimum results so clients are usually in our office for 30 to 60 minutes. 

    Beyond that our goal is to:

    Stabilize the client (decrease pain & increase sleep)

    Boost mitochondrial enhancement (energy producers of the cells)

    Nutritionally balance hormones

    Support immune function so the body can handle viruses common to chronic fatigue

    Handle the unique eccentricities of each case (everyone has some)

    Maintenance (support the system, shut down the constant fight or flight, create new habits)

    "What are the benefits of your services over someone else’s?"

    We’ve been working with chronic fatigue for over 7 years now.  We take classes on the latest methods and technology. I’ve personally spent 3 years of my life battling chronic fatigue, food allergies, and chemical sensitivity.  I’m great now.  I know and understand this syndrome well.  I also know that everyone’s case is completely unique.  What I’ve learned is that to truly achieve energy and health on all levels, multiple methods must be combined.  There must be a technical program, a home program, a drainage program, a nutritional program and ATP production must be enhanced (ATP, the useable form of energy created by human cells).  When this is done people see results fast and that is what is important to our clients.  Another benefit of our office is Electocrystal certitification. Currently, I am one of three practitioners in all of the United States who is qualified to do this energetic balancing method.

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