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Reiki Treatment

Electro Crystal Rebalancing

Electro Crystal Rebalancing combines natural crystals with pulsed electromagnetic signals for the purpose of energetic balancing...

Electro Crystal Rebalancing combines natural crystal with pulsed electromagnetic signals. The human body contains many crystalline components and responds to these vibrations by resonating with them.
The crystals we use are sealed in a glass tube filled with a saline solution to produce a conductive electrolyte. Then the crystals are stimulated at various pulse rates.

Each pulse rate or frequency is determined by an individuals needs according to his or her ESM scan.

The pulse rates or electro magnetic signals are produce by the EC400 generator. The frequencies used cover all of the 7 chakras and each chakra has its own individual group of crystals. The crystals are attached to the generator and are then placed on the clients body for balancing.

Throughout history crystals have been used to aid natural healing. Electro magnetism has been used by conventional healing for years, i.e. x-rays, electric stem. The innovation of ECR is the synergistic combination of the two and their specific applications to the chakra and meridian systems.

After brief interview with a client the subject is scanned and the energy patterns are analyzed. If PIP is used, that information is also compiled for a more complete picture. Then sessions are planned. Unlike conventional acupuncture or homeopathy ECR works on all imbalances at once.

A session consists of placing various tubes of crystals on the subjects body while he or she is relaxing. This lasts about one hour. Every four sessions (they should be weekly) the subject is re-measured to chart progress. There is no standard length of time required to complete balancing. Some people are done in one session others take longer. Each person is individual and responds differently depending on his or her history and age; However, immediate benefits are almost always felt. In thirty years there have been no adverse effects ever recorded with this system for the inventors website for pictures and educational training

Electro Crystal Rebalancing
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